3 almost-cures for an endless cold

1) Cookies. Specifically these cookies:

I recommend eating at least 5. Your sniffles / cold misery will improve. Honestly.

2) Knitting. I knit this (in only two couch-sittings! Yay me!):

3) Start to make your Christmas Book List. I did. Here are three books on the list so far:

3 thoughts on “3 almost-cures for an endless cold

  1. Brenda Turl

    I don’t know how you have time to teach, bake, read and knit. I’m impressed!!
    I’d love to borrow the scarf pattern from you…this looks so cozy and warm.
    Merry Christmas to both of you!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Merry Christmas to you both as well Brenda! I’ll pass the pattern on to Trina and you can give it a try!

    Cath – feel better… who knows? Perhaps some treats will come your way soon 🙂

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