Linky goodness

So I have been a naughty elf and have not been posting many reviews lately. I have reasons.

Reason #1: January. January is full of hard things and it is never going to be over. Ever. (Feels that way to me).

Reason #2: Cybils. I am reading folks, honest! It’s just I can’t review the books I am reading. These books. That’s cuz I judges are not allowed to review them while judging them. Darn it all.

Reason #3: I am writing my own story and it is hard to do that while also experiencing reason #1 and reason #2.

So… I am going to post some links to other glorious bloggers who are actually, you know, reviewing things. Good for them!

Seven Imp gives me another reason to love Bob Graham.

Reading Rants makes me want to get a little delirious pronto.

Fuse #8 teases me with a cat tale told in haiku. I want.

Pipedreaming promises this book will cure reader’s ennui. Sounds right for January, yes?

Now I need to go and do things so that January will get closer to being over.


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