Grump-proof Ruby Oliver

I am super grouchy today.

I cannot explain why.

Is it the splinter in my foot that I cannot get out?

Is it the fact that my dishwasher is busted?

I think it is probably that it is a snow day, and I should be GLEEFUL, but instead I have a case of the grumps that I can’t seem to shake, even though I don’t even have a real reason to be grouchy.

So it was risky for me to have picked up the fourth and final Ruby Oliver to finish reading today, because I love the Ruby Oliver books and I was a little bit worried that my grouchiness would ruin the little bit of book I had left to enjoy.

Good news folks! Even an extremely grumpy girl will love this book! She might even love it better than any of the other Ruby Oliver books! (And that is really saying something. Perhaps if I use a lot of exclamation points in this post I will become less grumpy! Okay! I’ll try it! Yay Ruby Oliver! Yay snow days! Yay exclamation points! I will stop that now).

But for real, I think this is the best Ruby Oliver book of all. E. Lockhart is sort of my author idol. She amazes me. Her books – particularly the Ruby quartet – have the perfect balance of humor and depth, of laugh-because-they’re-so-true moments and touching-without-ever-approaching-sappy moments. Her books are wise, but never in a showy way. Subtle. Ruby’s voice is dynamite – but I don’t love everything about Ruby (and I love that). She can be so self-absorbed, and she’s overly dramatic a lot of the time, and there were moments in the series when I really didn’t like her choices, and I sided with her friends. In the end, she’s just so interesting. She is as rounded a character as you’ll find anywhere. After four books, I’m not tired of her neurotic ways yet. That’s impressive. She’s got heart and by the end of this last book, she’s grown a lot, and she’s ready for what’s next. She’s the kind of character that gets you imagining everything that is ahead of her in her life.


I wish it wasn’t over.

I am now going to shovel snow, and when I get back inside, I’m going to eat cookies. Maybe I’ll just start reading this one all over again. That plus cookies just might banish the grumps for good.

Real live boyfriends is published by Delacorte.



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