Daily Archives: March 27, 2011

Without You

Have you had a little tiff with someone special?

Well I think I know just the book you might want to slip under that person’s door.

Genius illustrator Geneviève Coté is back with Without You, a follow-up to her lovely first picture book with rabbit and pig, Me and You. I mean, look at the cover? Check out the brilliant expressions on their angry little animal faces? They are miffed. They will never like each other again. Ever. Whether you are a small person, or a grown up person, who hasn’t felt that way at some point? Great picture books tap into essential emotions, and I love how Coté has picked such an age-defying sentiment to focus on in this book.

Even the end pages are just right. They are filled with angry scribbles. You know the book is bound to work when details like that have been thought about. It’s adorable how after their argument begins, rabbit and pig start to try to out do each other with their examples of how life is “just fine thank you very much” without you. So SO cute how rabbit doesn’t really look convinced by any of it, at any point, however. Coté’s watercolours and freely drawn pencil lines exude warmth and whimsy and charm. You will fall in love with these two characters all over again. Here is a book to read any time you need to make up after a silly fight. For a child, a best friend, a spouse who never puts his socks in the laundry basket. This one’s for everyone.

Without You is published by Kids Can Press. Don’t buy it without Me and You. They are perfect together, just like rabbit and pig.