Library Bounty

Why is it that all of the best books you’ve had on hold for AGES at the library arrive all at once, one after the other after the other? Argh! A girl has report cards to write… and a wedding to organize. Now I also have these a-mazing books, sitting on my desk, making me crazy:

My brain is screaming, “READ READ READ!!! Quick! Before you have to take them all back all at the same time!”

I don’t know where to start.

3 thoughts on “Library Bounty

  1. rhapsodyinbooks

    That is so totally true! I think it’s some sort of plan to make one go crazy. The other thing my library does is notify me like one day apart. So I go pick up a book I’ve been waiting for forever, and then the very next day I have to go back! My Gayle Forman hasn’t yet arrived, but I’m sure it will come in the same day or one day apart as the others I’m waiting for! :–)

  2. Celesta

    haha! That TOTALLY just happened to me too, and then some books were on hold so long at the library they threatened to return them! It’s the best feeling having so many waited for books to read, but at the same time so stressful because you don’t have the time! You can do it all!

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