It’s a miracle! One-word reviews!

It’s been pretty darn quiet on the Elf front lately. Sorry folks. I cannot seem to work, plan a wedding, blog, and exist. Things are probably going to get even patchier here on the shelf as the big day / honeymoon in paradise approaches. I’m just warning you. I’m reading – honest – but I don’t have a lot of brain available right now for the critical thinking part.

I am now going to impress you with my amazing one-word reviews!

Here is my review of this:


And this:


And this:


Perhaps once my brain has stopped obsessing about whether or not I must have one of these:

or fixating on how long it will take me to punch out a kazillion heart-shaped confetti bits from my old copy of this:

I may once again be able to present respectable reviews on a regular basis.

Have patience.

The Elf will return.



2 thoughts on “It’s a miracle! One-word reviews!

  1. Brenda Turl

    Hi Kerry;
    I’m sure your wedding will will be just fine. The important thing is you and your fella and your love….the rest is just details.
    Looking at your pictures of the day will bring back all those wonderful memories…and of course, you will have many pics from your honeymoon to augment your memories there as well. Just bask in the glow of being a bride and enjoy it all!
    Congratulations to both of you. I wish you many years of happiness and a lifetime of love together.

  2. Jennifer

    Well, I love your one word reviews! And I completely understand how difficult it can be to hunker down and write reviews when you have a billion other things going on. Focus on the wedding for now – I hope to hear more about it as it approaches – and enjoy your honeymoon. When you are ready to return, I’ll still be here so no worries!

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