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just a glimpse… and then goodbye!

The wedding was about as perfect as a wedding can be: blue sky, sunshine through the vines, a handsome fella, a pretty girl (ahem), family all around us, the best best friends, wine and more wine, mini pulled pork sandwiches and oysters and wood oven roasted peaches and cocktails and chocolate, live Paris cafe music playing me down the vineyard aisle, fireflies, a moonlit dinner… I could say more. I will say more. But now I have to go to Paris. And Provence.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of gorgeous pictures taken by our wonderful friend and wedding photographer extraordinare, Trina Turl.



Now I say goodbye for now. Off for Paris magic!



A word from the almost-bride

I had hoped to write a pithy review which I could name as My Last Review as an Unmarried Lady.

Instead I have being doing things like buying ribbons and ironing my dog’s bow tie and writing thank you cards and getting weepy while listening to our wedding soundtrack.

I am getting married tomorrow. In a vineyard. In the most beautiful dress you could imagine. With all of my favourite people around us. To the fella I love.

I am sure it will be a beautiful day. Wish me luck!

I can tell you that in stolen moments amid the bridal craziness, I’ve been reading this:

which is the perfect book for an almost-bride, since it is all about princesses and magic and dancing until your slippers are all worn out. And dresses.

Here’s to a sunny, happy, wedding weekend! See you on the other side!