Daily Archives: July 8, 2011

A word from the almost-bride

I had hoped to write a pithy review which I could name as My Last Review as an Unmarried Lady.

Instead I have being doing things like buying ribbons and ironing my dog’s bow tie and writing thank you cards and getting weepy while listening to our wedding soundtrack.

I am getting married tomorrow. In a vineyard. In the most beautiful dress you could imagine. With all of my favourite people around us. To the fella I love.

I am sure it will be a beautiful day. Wish me luck!

I can tell you that in stolen moments amid the bridal craziness, I’ve been reading this:

which is the perfect book for an almost-bride, since it is all about princesses and magic and dancing until your slippers are all worn out. And dresses.

Here’s to a sunny, happy, wedding weekend! See you on the other side!