adorable library story to warm your heart

So after school today I was walking towards the library following a mom and her two girls. The littler girl was wearing an adorable green raincoat with flowers all over it and matching rubber boots. They were talking about whether or not she would be eating her vegetables for dinner. Then when she had just passed the library door and I had the handle in my hand to open it, she turned back and said to her mom,

“That’s my library.”

Her name is Bronwyn. She is probably five. I think the world would be a better place if we all had a conversation with a kindergartner everyday.


1 thought on “adorable library story to warm your heart

  1. Laura Crawley

    This is absolutely beautiful. I completely agree and am so lucky that I have a 5 year old whom I can have a conversation with every day. I am also lucky in that said 5 year old plays “library” at home on days we cannot get to the public libary.

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