Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

Apple Pie ABC (plus real pie)

Those who know me well know that I if I’m not reading, chances are I’m likely baking (or eating… or planning to eat… or looking at pictures of things to eat). Last week, Alison Murray’s ABC book, Apple Pie ABC, arrived at my library and it got me thinking about pie. A book that has: illustrations with old-fashioned charm, a dog who is naughty-yet-lovable, and pie, is a book that I had to read.

I am partial to ABC books in general. In fact, I think I just might begin collecting them. I think there’s real scope for creativity in an ABC book and Murray has certainly capitalized on this in hers. Any dog owner will appreciate (and likely recognize) the age-old tale captured on these pages. Dog smells cooking. Dog goes to kitchen for some. Dog is denied. Dog pouts. Dog plots. Dog finds a way. Bye-bye dessert. (I could tell you the tale of my tenth birthday cupcakes, but I’ll save that for another time).

Murray has created a sweet, gently humorous, and gorgeous book. The paper itself has a lovely matte finish, which gives a rustic effect, just right for a book about such a humble treat. The colours on each page remain the same through the whole book and the linocut designs are retro and simple but perfect. There’s a clean feeling to all of it that still manages to be warm and the little dog’s character shines. You will root for him, even though you know you shouldn’t.

This is a book for kids and their foodie parents. You could give it as a gift along with one of these:

Apple Pie ABC is published by Hyperion. Rustic Apple Pie is published by me.