Wishing for a Merry Doggy Christmas

Christmas is nearly here.  I have made (and consumed) a lot of peppermint bark, but there’s a little bark missing, and it belongs to him:

My pooch is sick. He has been at the vet for 5 miserably long days. The boy has pancreatitis. This is not fun. He’s skinny and stinky and he’s a cone head and I miss him terribly. The house is quiet without his gentle doggy snores. His red bed is waiting in front of the tree. His Siamese brother is testy (Where is he? Where is my frenemy?) We are hoping he will be home for Christmas. The other day, a friend of ours sent us this. Sniffle:

If you could spare a “get well soon Malcolm dog” wish today, that would be wonderful. Let’s bring this hairy fella home for a bath and a snooze next to his Christmas stocking.

It should be no surprise then that this Christmas picture book is my favourite this year:

Zoe and Beans: Zoe’s Christmas List is nothing short of adorable. This is because of the sweet, snowy, and soft illustrations and the heart-warming animal / human friendships portrayed in the story. The best part has to be the fold out pages where little bear goes on a very long swim and faithful and obedient Beans dives in to rescue him.  Put it under the tree. Read it to your little one, human or canine. I plan to.

Here’s Chloe Inkpen talking about the characters, and you should visit the website for the books too:

Happy Christmas everyone. Hug your hound today.


3 thoughts on “Wishing for a Merry Doggy Christmas

  1. sphslibrary

    Sending you good thoughts on your dog. My kitty was recently in the hospital after he suffered a stroke. We have him home recovering and I hope your pal can be home soon, too!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks to both of you! He’s back! He’s skinny but he’s happy to be home. Nothing a few dog bones won’t fix, I hope.

    Happy holidays!

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