March Break Review-a-palooza: this plus that

A picture book that combines math concepts, humour, clever word play, and sweetness? Can you say Perfect Teacher Book? I offer you: this plus that: life’s little equations by the endlessly creative Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Your school library needs every single book Amy has written because in them you can count on finding clever concepts, serious cute factor, and real kid appeal.

Here’s a look at this plus that:

One thing I like about this book is how it starts with simpler equations: 1 + 1 = us, and then towards the end, you get to more complex ideas: cozy + smell of pancakes – alarm clock = weekend. This build up in complexity is perfect for the audience. The illustrations have a clean style that draws your attention but also helps the ideas to take center stage. Each equation will make readers think, and I can imagine plenty of ways to tie this book into integrated art / language / math tasks. I’m sure that kids (and teachers) will have fun writing their own life equations. Sleeping in + Hanging out + sunshine = March Break…

this plus that: life’s little equations is published by Harper.

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