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March Break Review-a-palooza: Piggy Bunny

I might have actually “eep-d” out loud when I saw Piggy Bunny in the bookstore. “A NEW BOOK WITH PICTURES BY JEREMY TANKARD!!!” As much as I wanted to, I didn’t shout this out for everyone around me to hear. I just thought it inside my head. And then I picked up a copy and pulled out my Magic Librarian Credit Card and bought it for the library faster than two shakes of a bunny’s tail. I read it. And then I realized that I would be needing another copy because I knew this book was going to be much loved by the little folk. Guaranteed.

The kids will get a kick out of Piggy’s seemingly impossible dream: he wants to be the Easter Bunny. This is going to crack kids up, I’m sure of it. I like how the story shows that having dreams is important and that sometimes, finding your way towards your dream can be as easy as taking one simple step, and then another, and another. For Piggy, that starts with ordering a bunny suit on the internet. There are some memorable and funny lines here, like when Liam begins to have doubts about his situation. He sighs, “This is the kind of problem… that is called heartbreaking.”

I’d be kidding you if I didn’t admit that a huge part of the enjoyment in this comes from Jeremy Tankard’s awesome artwork. (Which is saying something, because Rachel Vail’s heartwarming yet understated little story is darn fine too). Expressive and bold and as bright as a basket of Easter eggs, the pictures of Piggy and his fam will make you smile (and make you realize that pigs are made cuter with moustaches and glasses). It’s amazing how much personality and energy Jeremy achieves with such a simple style. Thinking about Grumpy Bird and the Mammoth from ME HUNGRY! makes me believe that there is no animal that could not be rendered adorable by Jeremy. I wonder what he could do for sloths…

Anyway, you’ll want to buy this one for every small person you know. Add a bag o’ chocolate eggs and you’d have the perfect reading experience, I’d say.

Here’s a video that shows Jeremy in action. He makes it look so easy. Why can’t I get a marker to do that?

Piggy Bunny is published by Feiwel and Friends.