Daily Archives: April 23, 2012

Sophie’s Fish

I like it when a picture book takes a common subject (in this case, pets), and offers up something fresh for readers. That’s what you’ll find with Sophie’s Fish, a delightful pet story with understated humour and fantastic illustrations just right for the quirky tale.

When Sophie asks Jake to take care of her fish for the weekend he says yes without thinking much about it, but as the time approaches, he starts thinking a lot. What happens if the fish gets hungry? What do fish eat? (Maybe strawberry worm cake?) What happens if he wants a bed time story? What stories do fish like to listen to? (Herring Potter? Charlotte’s Tank? The Invention of Catfish Cabret?) The more he thinks about it, the more he worries. Sophie arrives and…

You’ll need to read to find out. I will tell you that the ending is fun, appropriately silly, and satisfyingly creative. The kids will be laughing, guaranteed.

A.E. Cannon and Lee White make a dream team for this one.  Cannon’s text has a simple structure based around the types of questions that imaginative kids would ask in Jake’s situation. It feels real in the way it builds as Jake gets himself more and more worked up about the potential pet sitting disasters. The illustrations have a unique quality that make me want to go out and read every book Lee White has helped to create. A little collage, a little watercolour, so much to look at. It all blends so seamlessly it’s hard to believe that it isn’t the work of a single author/illustrator.  Don’t miss Sophie’s Fish. It’s a captivating little book.

Sophie’s Fish is published by Viking.