The Hueys in The New Jumper

Not sure why, but I feel like The Hueys in The New Jumper should be greeted with a round of applause. This is partly because it only takes reading this book once to feel like you’ve known the Hueys for a long time and this is just another one of their adorably silly adventures. Also, this is an Oliver Jeffers book, so come on people, of course we should be applauding.

First, watch the cute-as-a-button trailer:

There are about as many reasons to like this book as there are Hueys:

1) Trademark Oliver Jeffers kookiness. These Hueys are strange little critters, and we love ’em.

2) It’s such a simple idea, but there are some big ideas hiding inside of it that would be fun to talk about with the little people you read it to.

3) It’s silly.

4) It is BFF with another awesome book about a sweater that changes everything. (Am I right or am I right?)

5) It has names in it like Rupert and Gillespie.

6) You can make your very own Huey online. I did. She was very stylish.

It’s about individuality, community, trendsetting, and cute jumpers. Good for just about every unique person you know.

The Hueys in The New Jumper is published by Harper Collins.

1 thought on “The Hueys in The New Jumper

  1. trey

    Read this book to my year 3 and 4 class and they loved it. Performed it at assembly yesterday as a play and had 400 children and 20 teachers in hysterics. well worth having in your class library just for the humour and the message is pretty cool as well.

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