Day 4, book 4: The really, really, really big dinosaur by Richard Byrne

This is going to be a really, really, really short review because the first day of school has left me with a pounding headache. It can be c-razy in the library, I’m telling you.

In The really, really, really big dinosaur, Richard Byrne offers readers a cute little tale featuring Finlay, a very small dinosaur, or “tinysaur”, who stands up to a much bigger dinosaur bully who tries to take the pint-sized guy’s jellybeans. To protect his beans, Finlay gets creative, much in the way the little Mouse in The Gruffalo has to be smart to evade his predators. I admit that I thought I had figured out where Finlay was going with his plan, but there was a twist that I think will crack kids up.

The vibrancy of the illustrations really brings the goofy-looking dinosaurs to life. The style is quite childish, almost like a kid might doodle (a super artistic kid, mind you). Even though the ending is too tidy for my liking, the whole package works quite nicely and is bound to be popular with the dino-loving kiddos in your life.

The really, really, really big dinosaur is published by Oxford University Press.


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