Daily Archives: October 6, 2012

Thankfulness and a little linky goodness from all round the web

I’m heading into a long weekend…THANKSGIVING!!!, throughout which we will be celebrating the glories of all things butter. Before we get to that, I have to say that the picture above shows my excellent dear hound frolicking in the park last weekend. Right now we could not be more thankful for anything than the fact that he is kicking cancer’s butt. This is what I imagine he is thinking, “Ha! Take that cancer! Eat my dust! I frolic away from you because I am awesome!” (or something). I thought I’d keep the celebratory spirit going by sharing a few goodies I’ve been enjoying from all round the web this week.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the leaves start turning and that chill comes back, I’m ready for some mulled cider. The other day I was in Williams Sonoma and I chortled (because that’s what you do when you are feeling all superior) at the skinny $18.00 jar of “mulling spices.” Seriously? Who does that? You don’t need to drop $20.00 to get great cider folks. Here are some good cider tips I found this week.

Oh my, do I ever want this book. It just came out. If you haven’t spent hours sighing over the pictures over at What Katie Ate, you can just say thank you to me for pointing you in that beautiful direction.

Speaking of sigh-worthy food, I made this apple cake with this cheater’s caramel sauce last weekend, and then we ate it ALL, just the two of us. Not in one night, but still. We might have also put whipped cream on it. Sometimes there are weeks when you need that.

Don’t you wish that you were in Paris right now, so you could stroll through the Jardin Luxembourg and see this autumnal prettiness for yourself?

This might be the best book to cozy up with this weekend. You can always count on that Laini for a story you want to get lost in.

Looking for the perfect Fall-themed card to give to someone special? Here it is. I could buy one of everything in Emily’s shop.

Here’s an interview with Mindy Kaling, because I am loving her new show. So far, it’s been my guaranteed mid-week mood-lifter.

And finally, what better way to round up some good links than a Maru video? Bless that crazy box-loving kitty:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!