Daily Archives: October 16, 2012

A few cozy books for Fall

After a chilly weekend with lots of leaves blowing about outside, I’m feeling like it’s nearly the time of year when there’s nothing I like more than hanging out at home with my favourite people (and animals) and lots of good things to eat. Speaking of good things to eat, I made these muffins over the weekend, and you should too. I have to share a picture, then I promise we’ll get to book talk.


There’s something particularly cozy about fall, don’t you think? It has me thinking about cozy recipes, cozy sweaters, and cozy books. Also cozy blankets, like this one. (Ah Anthropologie… how I long for you).

I have been compiling a list of cozy books to put at the top of my TBR pile as fall settles in. Here are some of the ones I’m most looking forward to:

What is it about the end of the world that makes me want to cuddle up with a kitten and some hot cider? Weird, huh?

Deserves to be bought for the cover alone.

Supposed to be a little bit like The Graveyard Book with a some steampunk-y flair. Yes, please.

A little Shannon Hale fantasy + a cup of milky chai tea + a pumpkin cinnamon roll = Sunday morning perfection, I’d say.

1920s New York murder mystery, rave reviews, imagined by Libba Bray’s genius brain. I’m in.

Got any cozy book suggestions? Anything that really grabs hold of you and begs you to sit still on the couch for hours and hours wrapped up in a blanket?