The Elf breaks her silence with a dramatic update…

It’s been quiet here on the Shelf for a while – too long. I get pretty antsy when I’m not keeping this little place current.

So here’s the story.

Man, am I:

photo 1

Why? It’s a long story. There have been changes brewing in my job over the past month, changes I hadn’t seen coming and probably wouldn’t have thought could lead to things I really wanted. Let’s just say that I haven’t felt so stressed for a long while. On Friday this week everything was finally resolved, and I confess that first, I was a little bit:

photo 2-2

But that passed quickly, and now I finally feel:

photo 3-1

Here’s the scoop. Next year, I won’t be a teacher librarian anymore, but I will sure be needing a lot of brilliant books close at hand, particularly this one…


Yep, that’s right, the Elf is about to become…

a Kindergarten Teacher!!!

The more I think about it, the wider I grin. That’s because I can’t imagine that this adventure could end up being anything other than exciting and hilarious and rewarding. I have already decided that my classroom will include some of these:


silly dancing, perhaps to this:

and of course, books GALORE. Yesterday, I bought the first two picture books to inspire some fun teaching and learning:



I’m thinking, what better place to begin with those little people than World Peas?

I can’t wait.

(Reviews soon. Since I can now turn the brain back from worrying to reading).


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