Past: harpist, pastry chef, children’s bookseller

Present: middle school teacher librarian (Year 6 done… Year 7 begun!)

Future: cookie artist, groovy chanson songstress, nature photo-journalist…

or middle school teacher

7 thoughts on “About

  1. beth kephart

    Dear Harpist, Pastry Chef, Children’s Bookseller.

    It’s 4:50 in the morning here and I am here, staring at your words, wondering how to thank you.

    I thank you. We often don’t know who is out there reading our books. I am so grateful that you found HOUSE.

    Take very good care,


  2. Unicycling Juggler's Mom

    Love the site and I plan to visit often! Harpist? That’s one I didn’t know about you, but like. 🙂 Your banner art is wonderful. Thanks for the introduction to Meaghan Smith as well – my new favorite artist. All the best for your continued success! UJM

  3. Michelle

    Hello, Shelf Elf! Thank you for the wonderful review of What To Do If An Elephant Stands on Your Foot. What a great blog. I’ll be coming back often. Nice to ‘meet’ you.

  4. Stephanie Greene

    Dear Shelf Elf, thank you for your lovely review of “Princess Posey and the Monster Stew.” I have loved working on those books and so pleased that you find her emotions and situations true-to-life. Posey has grown on, and with, me until I recognize her in all of the little princesses I see in airports, libraries, grocery stores – everywhere I go.

    Best regards, Stephanie Greene

  5. Stefanie Cole

    Hello Shelf Elf…just so you know…you have been front & centre on my iGoogle page for years now. I tell the students in my library…going on year 11 (oh dear!) that I follow you. Jeremy Tankard came to visit me and he was lovely. I even loved that he used a hankie. He had a cold. I thought of you and your banner. Thank you for so many years of excellent references to new books for all ages. I look forward to years more! Congrats on your wedding…hope your dog is feeling better now!

    Sincerely, Stefanie Cole

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