My Invented Life Guest Blog + Contest

I absolutely loved Lauren Bjorkman’s debut YA novel, My Invented Life. Remember my review? This book is hilarious. It is heartfelt. It is substantial. It is full of Shakespearean insults. Well good news gang! Lauren is here guest posting today with a funny list penned by Roz, the main character in My Invented Life.

Signs of the Impending Apocalypse:

(List courtesy of Roz the gossipy out-spoken, attention-seeking entertaining, and mildly obnoxious all round amazing high school junior from MY INVENTED).

1. Your sister, who happens to be your best friend, deletes you from her life. For no reason whatsoever. That thing you did to her pom poms was sooo long ago.

2. Your crush from elementary school moves back to your high school. He’s incredibly hawt. He asks out your sister.

3. The drama coach plans to stage AS YOU LIKE IT. You know you’ll get stuck playing the scorned shepherdess. Which is better than being the cow in Jack in the Bean Stalk. But still.

4. You cut off your hair for attention. Your new style looks cute. Nobody at school notices. Except for your arch-nemesis who asks if you were attacked by a lawn mower.

5. The only boy crushing on you happens to be a terrible actor. A Greek statue would show more emotion.

Reasons to go on living:

1. Someone pours a bottle of Evian over your head. Your sister’s boyfriend notices how good you look in a wet T-shirt.

2. Your arch-nemesis gets cast as the scorned shepherdess. For once. You get the lead.

3. You discover your sister’s boyfriend is a jerk, but it doesn’t matter.

4. Because you learn from first hand experience that Greek statues can be amazing kissers.

5. You do something right for once, and your sister un-deletes you from her life.

(Shelf Elf says if you haven’t read this book yet, thou art a rascally ill-nurtured hedge-pig!)

Lauren is kindly offering up a signed copy of My Invented Life as well as writing journal with the cover of her book on the front to two lucky winners.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below sharing which Shakespearean character you are most like – any play you want folks!

Thanks for visiting Lauren!

My Invented Life is published by Henry Holt.

7 thoughts on “My Invented Life Guest Blog + Contest

  1. Andrea

    Viola from Twelfth Night. I like the name Viola anyway, but the character is smart, resourceful and she dresses in drag! What’s not to love?

  2. Ari MissAttitude

    I’m most like Kate from taming of the Shrew. Actually I’ve never read the book, but I watched 10 Things I Hate about You and I’ve seen kiss Me, Kate. I’m not as vocal all the time like Kate is, but I agreed with most of her actions. julia Stiles rocked in that movie 🙂

    The character I would so want to slap is Hermia from a Midsummer’s Night Dream. (if that’s the one who is hung up on Demetrius even though he doesn’t like her and he doesn’t seem to be that great either).

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  4. Lauren

    oooo a tricky question. I would like to say I was like Viola from Twelfth Night because she is so fair temepered and sweet, but perhaps I am actually more like Puck from Midsummer Night’s Dream because I am actually a little more mischevous!

    Sweet blog, I’m always looking for new reading inspiration!

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