Announcing Moi, readergirlz Postergirl


I’m beyond excited to announce that beginning in January 2009, I’ll be joining the fantastic team of postergirlz (Little Willow, Jackie, Miss Erin and Hip Writer Mama) working with and for the ever-fun-and-fabulous readergirlz. Perhaps the fireworks are a shade dramatic, but they are so pretty and pink (just like the readergirlz website) and I feel like celebrating my little piece of happy news.

If you aren’t already in the know about readergirlz, here’s the scoop. Really, the aim of readergirlz is to get readers to “read, reflect and reach out.” It’s about creating a community of readers to discuss the issues and themes and behind-the-scenes-stories of some of the best YA books out there, with some of the coolest authors around. Read the full readergirlz manifesta here. Simple really. You read the featured book for the month, hang out and leave your comments and questions at the readergirlz forum, and then join in on the live chat with the author on the scheduled day for that month. I guarantee it’ll make you think, laugh and love books even more than you already do (and you get to spend time with real live authors and cool/smart/inspiring girlz from all over the place). Also, every month focuses on a particular theme (self-respect, courage, tolerance, risk-taking), and through that theme, the mastermind readergirlz divas link the featured book to an amazing charity or organization that you can get involved in to make change in your community and beyond. The world needs more readers like readergirlz.

So join up. January’s title is one of my favourite reads of the past few years: A Northern Light, by Jennifer Donnelly.

Thank you to the Divas: Holly Cupala, Dia Calhoun, Justina Chen Headley, Lorie Ann Grover, Mitali Perkins and Melissa Walker for inviting me to be a part of the coolest crowd of book-lovers I know.


7 thoughts on “Announcing Moi, readergirlz Postergirl

  1. Holly Cupala

    Welcome, welcome, Shelf Elf! We are so excited to have you, especially since you have been an avid participant for a long time!

    Now, what I really wanna know is…are you going to post that toffee shortbread recipe?? 😉

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Thanks so much everyone!

    And I promise to post the toffee shortbread recipe sometime today Holly. I’ll pop by your blog to let you know! So yummy!

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