Do you need to smile today?

The past few weeks have left me feeling distinctly “meh.” Meh about the books I’ve been reading. Meh about the cookies I’ve been making. Meh about just about everything.

I’m sure I will shake it soon. There is one thing that I stumbled upon today that brought a goofy, opposite-of-meh-smile to my face.

Have you heard of Child’s Own Studio? It is probably the sweetest home business I’ve ever heard of. You can send in a child’s drawing of a creature and have it made into an actual stuffed animal. Not Joking. You can view the amazing gallery of stuffies here. If that doesn’t fill up your happiness tank, I’m not sure anything could. Just imagine a kid’s reaction getting one of those?

I’m think that this…

plus a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal would make any creative kid feel like she’d won the Best Gift Ever lottery.

Sometimes I feel like there’s so much cool stuff out there that we’ll maybe never even hear about and this thought makes me feel like the world is full of awesome after all.


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