Daily Archives: January 30, 2008

Happiness in Audioland

For a mere few weeks, I have been the proud, proud mama of a brand new, pretty deluxe, silvery iPod Classic. (Said iPod was even engraved with a delightful, secret message on the back by my fella – betcha yours isn’t!)

And so I have entered the delightful land of Audiobooks – I’ve even signed up for a monthly membership at a download-able audio site. Geeky, but oh-so-much-fun.

Here’s what I’ve picked so far:

full_image.jpg Just started this one yesterday – loving it. The narrator is spot on.

full_image1.jpg Finished it. I was worried that I couldn’t possibly enjoy the audio version as much as the novel itself, but it had the delightful effect of making me appreciate Tarshis’s writing all the more. It’s narrated impeccably by Mamie Gummer (that’s Meryl Streep’s daughter BTW).

full_image2.jpg I’ve been doing this one in installments for over a month because how many talking woodland creatures can one really handle in a stretch? I must say I chose it half because I felt guilty over never having read any Redwall, and half due to the awesome fiery-ringed rat silhouette on the cover.

For me, it’s all about the narration. I listen to the sample clips and if the reader’s voice doesn’t make my little ears prick up, then forget it.

Now, a request to all you audiobook aficionados… do tell what your best-ever listens are, or simply share what you’ve heard lately and loved. I’ve got my eye (and ear) on The Book Thief as my next selection, because who could resist this voice?