Pick a book for me

There’s a fine line between feeling all happily cushioned by lots of lovely books to read, and feeling overwhelmed by riches to the point of reading paralysis.

So, dear bloggy-visitors. Which of these should I read next:

41g52b7wp7l_ss500_.jpgThe Rising Star of Rusty Nail,

51xyzh3iqjl_ss500_.jpgAlcatraz versus the Evil Librarians,

winstonbreen.jpgThe Puzzling World of Winston Breen,

or 0618686959.jpg  The Off Season?

Tell me. (I tried to do a nifty web poll, but WordPress will not let me. Phooey).

10 thoughts on “Pick a book for me

  1. Megan Germano

    Oh, I love this! I just did a poll similar myself. Yack! TOO MANY BOOKS!
    Anyway, I just finished reading The Rising Star of Rusty Nail myself and I would love to hear what you think about it. But if it were me, I would go for The Off Season as I believe that is a Cybils YA finalist and I myself would like to read it.
    So wherever that leaves us, I don’t know… I guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself 😉
    Megan Germano
    Read, Read, Read!

  2. shelfelf Post author

    Hmmm… two against one? (But maybe a vote from the author himself counts for two?) Tie-breaker anyone?

  3. Melissa

    I’ve only heard of two of those (Alcatraz and The Off Season), but part of me wants to say that if an author’s bothering to comment, I should probably read his book first. 🙂

  4. J Scott Savage

    I liked Alcatraz a lot. But I ahve to admit that half the time as I was reading with my ten-year-old, I was going, “This guy is writing the last Wheel of Time book.” The style is very funny, but so much different than his Elantris and Mystborn books.

    Gotta go with the author though.

    PS I want someone to tell me which book to read next. That would save me much headache.

  5. shelfelf Post author

    I’m pretty curious about Alcatraz because I’ve read that it’s a lot of fun and I could use a fun injection right now. I think it will be next in line (after Winston Breen!) Thanks for sharing your point of view.

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