Poetry Friday: What the Horses See at Night

Spring is getting along properly here in the city, and I find myself longing for a little countryside. You can only appreciate wet pavement for so long. I found this poem for Poetry Friday today, and it brings such vivid images to my mind that I almost feel like I’ve had a little country escape. Beautiful.

What the Horses See at Night – by Robin Robertson

When the day-birds have settled
in their creaking trees,
the doors of the forest open
for the flitting
drift of deer
among the bright croziers
of new ferns
and the legible stars;
foxes stream from the earth;
a tawny owl
sweeps the long meadow.
In a slink of river light,
the mink’s face
is already slippery with yolk,
and the bay’s
tiny islands are drops
of solder
under a drogue moon.
The sea’s a heavy sleeper,
dreaming in and out with a catch
in each breath…

For the rest (which is full of more glorious pictures, I promise), head to The Poetry Archive.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: What the Horses See at Night

  1. Jet

    Wow. And WOW!

    I’ve never read anything by Robertson before. I love the language! Thank you so very much for making my day with this poem!


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