Zen Monday: Picture + Poem


Midnight Snack

Choices multiply past midnight:

Chocolate milk gulped straight from the box,
A sliver of cheesecake… and another,
One cold orange,
A few salty olives or snappy pickles,
Sweet and sour something leftover from lunch,
Yogurt with thick ribbons of maple syrup,
Strawberries in a pool of icy cream,
A stick of celery, still leafy,
Orange juice, then champagne,
Peanut butter by the spoonful,
or something classic –
a fistful of blueberries,
the last piece of pizza,
vanilla ice cream, no bowl.

in the dark.
Just close your eyes
and get on with it.

Everything tastes better by fridge light.

(copyright 2009, K Millar)

(cute little Paddington photo by: Johnathan W)

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