I was pretty excited to read this. One was a picture book that my students got really excited about last year. They had so much to say about it. My favourite comment? “Can we do an art project about this book Miss Millar?” We never got around to it and I wish we had. I think Zero will inspire just as much discussion and it could easily lead to some lovely artwork too.

Zero feels empty, like she doesn’t count. After trying to be everything she isn’t, she finds a way to be herself and to feel important. Just like in the companion book, the illustrations here are really clever. Kathryn Otoshi finds a way to convey a lot of energy and different feelings by varying the colour, thickness, and shapes of the number characters in her story. Kids will enjoy figuring out all that the pictures have to say. I think that because the premise is similar to what the author explored in One, it wasn’t quite as delightful simply because the concept wasn’t completely new. The first book really captivated and this one certainly pleases. It’s made for classroom reading, conversation, and definitely for art projects. You can count on it. (Sorry. Couldn’t help it).

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