Gimmee an epic!

I woke up this morning feeling cold, feeling winter tightening its grip on my little uninsulated house, feeling like staying in bed with my small Siamese cat pillow for the whole, frosty, can’t-believe-it’s-not-Christmas-yet Wednesday.

This kind of feeling makes me want to escape into a deep, engrossing read… an epic story. I need something exciting to take over my life right now so that I can make it through the next 3 weeks of teaching. Yes… I know I have, oh, about 30 books stacked high on my desk for Cybils Middle Grade reading. So I will probably have to dangle this big, epic story in front of me for about a month until I have some serious couch time over the winter break.

I’m wondering about this as a possibility:


My guy LOVES this series. A bookseller friend LOVES this series. It sounds cool and captivating.

Anyone out there read them? Are they epic enough to yank me out of my own life for a few days?  Recommendations and comments are welcome!

1 thought on “Gimmee an epic!

  1. Anonymous Pseudonym

    A good book; think Eragon, except the sort of book you could actually take seriously. It akes place during a war between France and Britain (I forget which) and manages to occur in the real world in a believable fashion.

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